George Crossed Here

George Crossed Here

Today I forced my boyfriend to venture out in to the cold. I wanted to show him what New Jersey had to offer. The Garden State actually has vegetation and history. So off we went to Washington Crossing State Park located on the Delaware River. We braved the wind to see the annual reenactment of George Washington’s troops crossing the river.


#OnThisDay in 1776, General #GeorgeWashington crosses the Delaware River with 5,400 troops, hoping to surprise a Hessian force quartered in Trenton, NJ. #GeorgeCrossedHere #ThisDayInHistory

The beautiful canel on the New Jersey side is a lovely path for walking.

However, mother nature got the best of us. Apparently GW cant be seen in a life jacket so the actual crossing was canceled due to the high winds between 45 to 50 mph.


It was so cold on the bridge. But the view was worth it.


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