All Hands and Hearts

Hi everyone! I am in St Thomas now and I would like for everyone to check out my trip I am volunteering on. After visiting the Island and seeing how much work that has to be done I have chosen to give back to the charity and ask my friends and family to give back. With the help of the organization you can donate using this site. For those interested in Tax deductions this is a non profit.



Shortly after Hurricane Irma ripped through the Caribbean and Florida, Hurricane Maria hit the US Virgin Islands, adding even more devastation to an already decimated region. Our Immediate Response Team returned to St. Thomas after being evacuated shortly before Hurricane Maria hit and discovered the conditions have significantly deteriorated.

The recovery after such devastation is going to be long and hard. That’s why we’re making a 2-year commitment to building safe, resilient schools for thousands of children throughout the Caribbean who are reeling in the aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Maria. We are also sending an Immediate Response Team to help families struggling in the Lower Keys of Florida.

Please donate today to help the thousands of people affected who desperately need immediate assistance.

Thank you.

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