Southern Maryland Kennel Club

The Blue Crab Cluster is a Maryland Classic among dog showers and lovers of Dogs. I use to attend every year while I was still active in the sport of purebred dogs.  I always recommend before anyone gets a dog to educate themselves on the breed and the maintenance of owning  a dog.  Last year…


  Wirehaired Mini Dachshund The Dachshund comes in three coat types Smooth, wired and long haired. They also come in Min and Standard size. They are a German origin bred to hunt badgers. Smart and tough are the Doxie.

Georgetown Glow

Don’t miss Georgetown Glow 4th edition, Friday, Dec. 8 – Sunday, Jan. 7. Georgetown GLOW is presented by the Visit for details on each artist, their installations and locations, plus an exhibition map and information on additional GLOW programming. The following video and pictures are from my DC trip this past weekend.

French Bulldog, Dogs and Stuff

I thought it would be cool to go to DC today to check out the holiday political stuff. So I made the logical decision to upload my SD card to Google Photos. Well I came across this photo of Piglet the French Bulldog puppy. A fun fact I used to show dogs. Thats right showing…