Back from a long break

2019 is almost over and 2020 is coming… Please join me and my fiancee, Alex, on our journey.  We are planning a wedding and remodeling a home on a budget! I am renaming my blog as a clever suggestion of my good friend Shelby. Well first off I got engaged and bought a house in…

Building a Vault Plugin for Ethereum

Tonights meetup: This presentation will be the first in a series of talks on using HashiCorp (and other OSS) tools to support DevOps practices in the Ethereum ecosystem to help bring Ethereum to the enterprise. This talk will focus on using Vault as an Ethereum wallet. Topics will include: 1. Overview of the Ethereum ecosystem…

The Bun Shop

Spacious cafe serving international buns & pastries plus Vietnamese coffee in loft-like environment. Everything that could be gold is gold. This is the second location to open up. The first one is located next to MICA and open till 3 am. This location is open to 11 pm.   Me and my bae!

Code at the Cafe

Tonight I joined 18 Pythonistas at the Wegmans located in Columbia Maryland for a awesome meetup. Code at the Cafe is a bi-monthly/monthly coworking meetup that is aimed at creating a social space. Which it did! We learned about some cool projects other coders are working on. Also we learned about a new startup called obo….

Southern Maryland Kennel Club

The Blue Crab Cluster is a Maryland Classic among dog showers and lovers of Dogs. I use to attend every year while I was still active in the sport of purebred dogs.  I always recommend before anyone gets a dog to educate themselves on the breed and the maintenance of owning  a dog.  Last year…

Cafe Su H-Mart

I love Korean Bakeries! Ellicott City Maryland is home to so many. Evan the H-mart super store on Route 40 has one! On Yelp they have 4.5 Stars. 3301 N Ridge Rd Ellicott City, MD 21043 I enjoyed a Taro Root Latte and Orange cream cake. Cafe Su taro root latte #latte #taro #koreanbakery#latteart @marylandcoffeelovers — at H Mart- Ellicott City.

Cat Cafe Time!

Let’s talk about Cats Babe! Today, I got to go to the best place on earth! The Crumbs and Whiskers Cat Cafe, located in off of O st in Georgetown, Washington DC. My first Cat Cafe experience. I love coffee and try to go to coffee and tea shops in my travels. I also got…