Volunteer Opportunity Puerto Rico

This post is information from one of my favorite volunteer organizations. I will be signing up to volunteer. I encourage everyone to try this experience. Photos are from All Hands and Hearts website.

Hurricane Maria was the most devastating disasters on record in Puerto Rico. With the help of local partners, we identified Yabucoa and Barranquitas as areas where we can make the greatest impact. Volunteer applications are now open. Apply and share today. Thank you for helping on this long road to recovery:


In the Fall of 2017, Hurricane Maria’s 155 mph ferocious winds plowed through the island of Puerto Rico, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. “It is the worst natural disaster on record in Puerto Rico and nearly three months later, the island still does not have power and potable water in many areas. As always, our team worked with local partners to carefully assess the damage and identify communities with the greatest need for help” noted Erik Dyson, C.E.O. of All Hands and Hearts. “Now that the situation on the ground has settled we will be helping the families, in the areas of Yabucoa and Barranquitas, in the clean up process and to be there alongside them on the long road to recovery.”

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