University of Michigan Medical Outreach to Trip to the Dominican Republic

On my recent adventure to St. Thomas UV Hurricane Recovery trip I met some incredible individuals from all over the world. The last day I left an Australian rolled in! Others were from New York,  Spain, South Dakota, 20% from Washington State and the United Kingdom with the same common goal. To make a difference!

One young man stood out Connor McCusker   he’s the guy in the half shirt behind Eric.  He has raised $300 of the $1,900 need for a Medical Outreach trip to the DR this upcoming Summer! Volunteers will work in mobile medical clinics, where they will have the opportunity to intake patients, conduct public health surveys, take vitals, shadow local physicians, work in the pharmacy, teach education classes, and much more! If you’re interested in joining, contact us for more information!

Eric and Connor working on Bunk Beds in St Thomas

VAW at University of Michigan will be opening up mobile medical clinics for local communities during their time in DR.

One of the most exciting and important parts of volunteering with VAW is bringing medication to the less fortunate. In 2017, VAW treated over 35,000 patients and we aspire to treat over 45,000 in 2018. One of the things that make our mobile clinics unique is that we not only triage and diagnose patients, but also provide them with the basic medications needed. Fundraising for medications is a huge part of creating a successful mobile clinic to help the local communities with effective care.


Anyways please donate and share! Happy Holidays!

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