GoFundMe All Hands Volunteer St Thomas


Please check out and share my Go Fund Me.

This Thanksgiving, my boyfriend and I will be on the Island of St. Thomas from November 23rd to December 4th. I will be volunteering and helping clear up the area from the aftermath of the hurricanes. The volunteer program, however, that I’m a part of does not cover my travel and other incidentals. I’m asking my friends and the community to help donate to alleviate the cost that I will be paying for towards my flight and other incidentals. The flight tickets were very limited and expensive due to the holiday time. Any excess funds will be donated back to the All Hands.
Flight: $ 798 for two people
As an engineer with a construction background, I thought I could add value to this volunteer program. I am OSHA30 Certified. I applied to All Hands and was accepted. I have recruited my boyfriend to volunteer as well. I hope to use my vacation time in the future to give back as much as possible. This financial support will help me continue to give back and utilize my strengths to help others.

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