All Hands Volunteers

Well I have been busy in the last year since my last post. New job, boyfreind, new countries, new apartment and new adventures.  This November I will Be Volunteering for my Thanksgiving.  I will keep everyone posted on this opportunity and will be starting a GoFundMe. I need to cover my own flight and purchase supplies. I will be donating anything extra to All Hands.

The following is from the All Hands Volunteers website.

September 2017 – Present / US Virgin Islands

On September 6, Hurricane Irma slammed into the US Virgin Islands as a category 5 hurricane.The islands suffered severe wind and flood damage, reducing many areas to rubble. In light of the almost absolute devastation in USVI, All Hands Volunteers sent an Immediate Response Team to St. Thomas. CEO Erik Dyson said, “Unfortunately, we aren’t big enough to be everywhere at once. But our model is all about meeting the greatest need as best we can. Our help is needed in the islands, so that’s where we’ll be.” Less than a month later, the team was evacuated due to Hurricane Maria, which struck USVI on September 20 as a Category 4 storm.

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