Horse Riding in Iceland

No they are not Ponies, yes the Hobbits rode them, and yes my butt hurt after riding.


Skorrahestar Icelandic Horse Rental and Accommodation

When in Iceland I highly recommend  riding the many horses on the Island. I had the pleasure to ride at two stables while in Iceland (September 2015). Yes, food was involved in these trips. Homemade rustic Icelandic food.

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Lunch Time on the Trail

The first was at the beginning of my 21 day trip at Sólhestar Horse Rental.

Listings details

160.00EUR for Beginners and Intermediate riders
7 hours long adventure.


Horse Selfie?
  • Pickup and return to your hotel
  • Outdoor clothing
  • Protection helmets
  • Footwear
  • Light refreshments


We got ready at Sólhestar base, we will start this 25 km tour on the beach, near the small village Þorlákshöfn. From here we ride along the beach for about 3 km, by the small village Eyrarbakki, and through the meadows, Ölfusengjar, to our home base. It was amazing to watch my mom and her Horse. We learned how to “tölt.”I had my Go-pro on which unfortunately got more of the sky than the scenic landscape and ocean view.

At the end of the tour, my mother and I enjoyed mushroom homemade soup and rustic bread at Sólhestar.


My Mom

On the other side of the Island, we stayed the night and rode again in the Mountains at Skorrahestar Icelandic Horse Rental and Accommodation. One the best experiences at a Guesthouse. The owners son invited us to a party that evening. Also, we learned more about the Icelandic culture and horses.


The guesthouse at Skorrahestar farm is in a renovated barn in one open space with made up beds, bathroom, shower and a seating area. Meals are prepared and served at the Doddi’s and Thea’s own home.

Race Track (my mom fell off 😦 but got back on 🙂 )

Norðfjarðarvegur, Neskaupstaður, Iceland is small but rich isolated town.

Start & end: 12:30 – 16:30

Riding: 2 hours (13:00-15:00)

Included: guided riding tour, helmets, rain gear, saddlebags, pancakes & coffee

Price: 19.500 ISK


Plus the dog on the farm made the adventure!  I would highly recommend both riding stables and go explore Iceland by Horseback!

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