Beets By Claudette

Today was a relaxing day of friends, food and Game of Thrones. I convinced my non-veggie eating roommate to eat this salad. I made a homemade dressing:

Ingredients for salad:

1 cup sunflower Seeds

1/3 cup grated Asiago cheese

4 beets including stems

1 head butter lettuce

4 large leafs of kale

2 rainbow carrots

1 Fuji Apple

2 scallions

1 clove of garlic

1/3 cup Coconut oil

Pinch of Sea Salt

Peel and wash carrots, then use a Julian peeler to thinly slice strips of carrots. Wash and slice butter lettuce. Wash and de-stem kale thinly slice leaves.

Now for the best part the beets. Using fresh beets with tops. Remove stalks and leafs. Chop finely for salad. Roast sunflower seeds in coconut oil, scallions, and garlic for 10 minutes at 400 degrees. Meanwhile, Roast beets with skin on in foil for 40 minutes and let cool. The skin will fall off and slice the beets. Peel and slice apple. Finally grated Asiago cheese. Assemble all ingredients in large mixing bowl and add dressing (see below). Plate and serve!

Homemade dressing:

1 Lime juice

1 Lemon juice

1 cup Greek Yogurt

1 tsp salt and pepper

1/4 cup Fresh dill

1/4 cup parsley

3 sun dried tomatoes

1 oz white balsamic vinegar

Directions: Blend all together.

As a child I hated beets. My mom served them pickled at holidays from a jar. They made me sick just to smell them. I refused to eat them and often went without dessert. Now as an adult, I belong to a CSA. Almost every week I get Beets and Kale! I have grown to love both. But I feel the beet top gets little street credit. I think they are more tender than kale and have so much nutritional benefit. The stalks replace celery and add crunch and color to any dish. I feel like a professional chef when I get to use beets so many ways. I recently discovered Golden Beets. I love beets now.



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